Long Tail Keywords in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Long Tail Keywords are search phrases with three, four or more words. Such length makes search more specific which visitor or customer wants to buy, surf, install, view or watch. Also, such specific search phrases can be helpful to generate genuine organic traffic from National & International etc. markets so before implementing, perfect & professional research, skills & experiences also make sense.

For example, either using voice search or text query:

a) If someone across the Globe searches on Youtube, How to build professional recording studio, then following video may be listed in top results:


b) If someone across the Globe searches on Google, Game App Marketing Video Tutorials, then following landing page(s) may be listed in top pages:




c) If someone across the Globe searches on Google, Interactive English Alphabets, then following landing page may be listed in top results:


What is Website Remarketing & Video Remarketing?

Website Remarketing:

Website Remarketing is also known as remessaging or retargeting. When visitors perform any action on your website & based on such list when you remarket them then this process can be known as website remarekting. Means website remarketing can give you good results & return on investment.

Video Remarketing:

Video Remarketing can also give you better return on investment. So based on past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel, you can show Online ads to viewers across YouTube & video partner sites etc.

To create remarketing lists, you need to first link your YouTube account to your Adwords account.

Technical Tips on benefits of using Google Adwords in Digital Marketing

1) Using Google Adwords we can get genuine & better return on investment.

2) Ad can be displayed to only those people or customers who have interest in that particular product or service. Means we can target the ad & we can show the relevant ad to specific audience.

Ex: When Mr XYZ searched for Digital Marketing App then he got www.digitalmarketingapp.in website's ad to leverage & navigate. This ad was created by GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS & in keywords they mentioned Digital Marketing App so when Mr. XYZ searched for Digital Marketing App then specific ad is shown to him.

3) We can target ads on the basis of keywords, ad location, gender, age, geographic location, language or device of customer.

4) We can create multiple ads to track that which ad is getting more clicks so that we can invest more in that particular campaign to get more results.


5) We can also track that whether ads have been clicked or not?

6) We can also show ads during certain hours or days of the week.

7) We can display the Online ads on multiple devices like Laptops, Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones etc.

8) We can also control that how often ad can appear.