What is Website Remarketing & Video Remarketing?

Website Remarketing:

Website Remarketing is also known as remessaging or retargeting. When visitors perform any action on your website & based on such list when you remarket them then this process can be known as website remarekting. Means website remarketing can give you good results & return on investment.

Video Remarketing:

Video Remarketing can also give you better return on investment. So based on past interactions with your videos or YouTube channel, you can show Online ads to viewers across YouTube & video partner sites etc.

To create remarketing lists, you need to first link your YouTube account to your Adwords account.

After linknig YouTube account, whenever there will be YouTube related actions like if someone will view any video from a channel or visited a channel page or even subscribe to a channel then such lists will be generated to run campaigns. You can then use these lists in targeting settings.
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